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PMSA Membership Benefits
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Understanding PMSA member benefits

By aligning with a recognised professional association like PMSA, project managers show that they are aware of what constitutes legitimate practices based on particular standards, methodologies and guidelines widely supported by project managers around the world and are committed to a code of conduct and ethical practice; and ongoing professional development.

PMSA as a professional association offers members representation on PMSA committees, relevant statutory and industry related bodies; access to dedicated knowledge sharing events and resources designed to help you grow your professional development and CPD points; as well as networking opportunities with industry peers and organisations.

Specific member benefits are detailed below.

PMSA Professional Recognition
Members are recognised through the issue of a membership card and letter of good standing.

Full and Professional members are further acknowledged for the achievement of membership against eligibility criteria through an official membership certificate (which can be used in tenders and work applications) and permission to use a given post nominal after grading. These members can also go on to earn SAQA-recognised PMSA professional designations which is recorded on a national register, affords practitioners national recognition; development planning along a designation pathway; and an enabling environment through the PMSA CPD programme.

Members are also afforded discounted entries into the PMSA Awards programme.


Access to Professional Development Resources
Building your profile and skills as a professional requires continuous investment in yourself and your future. PMSA curates and circulates featured articles, videos and resources by industry thought leaders and 
education and training providers who are able to offer insights into career paths and working environments whether looking at soft skills or the more technical project management aspects across industries.


PMSA Conferences and Events
PMSA works to create a compelling programme of knowledge sharing events throughout the 
year. Featured speakers address topical issues in project management and include visiting authors and PM personalities, local project leaders, academics, authors and those who have an important message to share with the PM community. Events include breakfast sessions, afternoon talks, half day workshops and PMSA Knowledge Series presentations as well as a proud conferencing history through regional conferences and the PMSA National Conference. Members enjoy free attendance at local events and special interest groups and significant discounts on special events national and regional conferences, and seminars.


Access to the PMSA Bookstore and relevant discount
Members enjoy access to bookstore requests for import via PMSA Bookstore (from specific publishers) as well as discounted rates on popular titles. 
The PMSA Bookstore is home to a number of PMSA publications and those published by organisations such as PMI, Gower as well as independent local and international authors. From time to time PMSA conducts, contributes to and/or obtains rights to published reports, white papers, and surveys the association deems relevant to furthering the local body of knowledge in project management and which prove a valuable resource to PM practitioners at various stages of their professional development. PMSA's resident book reviewers complete a number of reviews over the years, and provide perspectives and summaries of popular PM and related titles.


PMSA Recognised Education and Training Provider Offerings
Members are able to a
ccess a directory and a range of special offers by PMSA Recognised Education and Training Providers (RETPs). Each of our Recognised Education and Training Providers (RETPs) is a credible provider in their own right and according to the category of further education and learning with which they comply, offer short courses, diplomas, certifcates or degrees and facilitated learning at different stages of the development of project managers and those in related disciplines.

Opportunities to Contribute to the Profession
Through its Call for Industry Presentations and Research Papers as well as other PMSA negotiated resources PMSA offers a sought after platform for researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts to contribute to the local body of knowledge. PMSA members are also able to contribute to the project management profession through volunteering opportunities in the PMSA leadership structure, identified charitable  projects and authoring of knowledge resources. PMSA Full and Professional members are eligible for nomination to national and branch executive commitees and are eligible to vote in annual elections, annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings 


PMSA Platinum Recognised Education and Training Providers 




 PMSA Corporate Members