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PMSA Professional Designations: Information
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Full and Professional Members of Project Management South Africa (PMSA) are now able to achieve national recognition through registration of a project management designation with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Individuals earning the designations will be recorded on a national register, affording practitioners national recognition and yielding data that can be used to promote the profession and coordination and collaboration across education, training, development and work. By recognising and formalising designations, professional bodies contribute to the development of career paths and a national career advice system, as well as promoting continuous professional development within the profession.

Project Management South Africa has the right and responsibility of conferring recognition of three designations level, namely: Project Manager (PM), Senior Project Manager (Sr.PM) and Professional Project Manager (Pr.PM).

In order to apply for a designation, candidates must be a Full or Professional PMSA Member and meet the eligibility criteria for the given designation. Not yet a member? Click here for membership information

Professional designation assessments are based on the GAPPS Framework for Performance Based Competency
Standards for Global Level 1 and 2 Project Managers.

For more information and to view this framework click here

Who is the Project Manager (PM)?

A Project Manager (PM) has earned this designation when fulfilling the full spectrum of responsibilities associated with project management and this has become their core focus in their working environment.

A PM will have obtained an appropriate tertiary qualification or relevant certification/accreditation and built up the required years of experience specifically taking multiple projects through the complete lifecycle over the required period of time. A Project Manager will have seen the benefits of associating themselves with an appropriate professional body and will be actively participating in the body’s activities; they maintain a high ethical standard and at a minimum endeavour to comply with the principles of the PMSA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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 Who is the Senior Project Manager (Sr.PM)?

A Senior Project Manager (Sr.PM) has earned this designation when they have actively chosen to pursue a career in project management within the field in which they originally qualified or in a related field. Such an individual will have the technical knowledge associated with their first degree/qualification and related experience, and in addition will have made the professional commitment to obtaining one or more further project management qualifications, certifications or accreditations to enhance their knowledge and practice of their chosen discipline.A Sr.PM will have applied their knowledge of specific methodologies to deliver projects through the complete lifecycle on multiple projects of varying complexity for a period of at least six years.

 While making professional development a key focus area, a Senior Project Manager will have sought membership with a relevant professional body as an opportunity to both gain knowledge into current trends/best practices, and to share their knowledge with peers. Senior Project Managers maintain a high ethical standard and at a minimum endeavour to comply with the principles of the PMSA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. 

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Who is the Professional Project Manager (Pr.PM)?

A Professional Project Manager (Pr.PM) has earned this designation when they epitomise the level of proficiency associated with an expert in the practice of project management. This unique combination of requirements makes it an elite and hard-earned designation, the warding of which is based on an individual’s portfolio of evidence as well as peer interviews in which the various elements of proficiency – namely knowledge, skill/competencies, attributes and emotional intelligence are analysed.

The analysis reviews the individual’s past decade of work in terms of consistent excellence across multiple projects of a required size and complexity, career achievements, ongoing professional development and contribution to the growth of the discipline. In addition, to their pursuit of higher learning in project management. Successful candidates will have a strategic focus and ability to foster a greater understanding among internal and external colleagues and stakeholders.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the Pr.PM designation are not yet open. Members will be advised accordingly when registrations become available

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