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Understanding membership levels
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PMSA Corporate Membership

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Within its stakeholder group, PMSA is aware of the consumers and providers of project management products and services and acknowledges that the expectations and requirements each category of these have of their professional bodies differs. At the same time, the type of engagement PMSA seeks to have with each category is not necessarily uniform.

The following are broad categories of companies who may benefit from PMSA’s corporate membership programme:




Category 1

Consulting firms, which provide the market with project management services as a primary or secondary offering.

Such companies wish to have PMSA endorsement for their inherent skills and competencies, having an employment policy that hires and / or grows PM talent, which can be viewed as a mature company, rather than by virtue of the individually recognised project managers comprising their employees / consultants. Such consultants typically see professional designations / professional body endorsement as a value proposition and differentiator for competitive advantage, and / or a requirement in responding to tenders and marketing the company.

Category 2

‘Projectised’ organisations which give formal recognition to the project management function and realise strategy through projects.

Such companies typically wish to enhance their organisational project management maturity through people, policies and processes, and may or may not have formal PM structures such as PMOs, or in-house learning centres to equip their PMs with competencies aligned with relevant standards and methodologies. Such companies frequently require of PMSA career path guidance, assistance in the establishment of workplace forums, access to knowledge channels and events to which employees can be directed at the different PM career stages. In addition, companies require information related to attaining professional designations for multiple staff.

Category 3

Project management solution providers. These are companies offering products and services designed to improve how their clients deliver projects.

These offerings may be centred around resourcing and / or consulting, provision of information technology (IT) services, offering of specialised competencies (risk assessment for example), or a combination of the above.

Such companies generally require an opportunity to have their offerings reviewed and endorsed by PMSA, and to tap into marketing opportunities offered by the autonomous professional body.

The requirement extends to networking, news and information sharing through the PMSA membership base and exposure at conferences and similar.

Category 4

Companies falling within one of the first three categories, which also include training as an offering, to the general public (as opposed to being in-house in nature)

Such companies may wish to market their consulting services through PMSA, and at the same time find benefit in the PMSA Recognised Education and Training Provider (RETP) Programme, details of which are available on the PMSA website.

Category 5

Companies providing recruitment and resourcing services to the market which include project management-related positions.

Such companies benefit from the network of potential candidates that PMSA has access to amongst its members and other stakeholders. In addition, they can gain more in-depth understanding of the competencies associated with different PM-related designations to allow them to offer more strategic advice and service to their clients.

Category 6

Government departments – public service departments on a municipal, provincial or national level, and including government agencies.

Such entities benefit from access to best practices and forums designed to enhance project management competencies. An ongoing need is for consistency in practice which can be built around the PMSA designations competency framework. Such entities benefit from group discounts in attendance at conferences and other learning opportunities.


Independent consultants

Many individuals operate as independent consultants offering Project Management services, in various forms such as sole proprietors, PTY Ltd etc. Individuals who operate in this manner, charging hourly rates and personally completing assignments, are encouraged to take up individual PMSA membership rather than Corporate Membership.

PMSA seeks to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with all of the above categories of potential corporate members. Aspects of benefit PMSA seeks to draw from such relationships include the following:

  • Promotion of the value of individual affiliation to the professional association and increase of the PMSA individual membership base.
  • Promotion of the value of professional designations in industry; and mechanisms through which to streamline the assessment and designation process for corporates.
  • Financial support for PMSA as Non-Profit Company through sponsorship and donations towards ongoing and special projects, including skills development initiatives, conferences, awards programmes, knowledge sharing events, content creation and dissemination, etc.
  • Thought leadership in expressing an organisational and cross-sector perspective of PM imperatives and trends, which can be used to direct growth and development in the professional body.
  • Access to thought leaders, case studies and industry best practices that can be shared with the broader community through various communication channels.
  • Opportunities to promote the value of professional designations nationally, and to lobby these within the corporate’s spheres of influence.
  • Access to influential stakeholders and decision-makers in South Africa and Africa.
  • Identification / nomination of candidates to serve on working committees and the PMSA board of directors.

PMSA Corporate Membership Programme: Basket of Benefits

PMSA has taken the category requirements and resources with which to fulfil corporate membership benefits into consideration in developing the following basket of benefits, following an application process and in exchange for the annual corporate membership programme fee:

  • Presence on the PMSA website on the relevant section with clickable links to the company website.
  • Streamlined administration of PMSA individual members through an ‘Enterprise’ company account.
  • Inclusion of Privy Seal endorsement which can be included on the company website and email signature, and provides an independent, verifiable third-party validation of the corporate’s standing as member.
  • Use of the relevant PMSA Corporate Member logo, according to certain terms and conditions.
  • A 10% discount on the relevant membership category for individual memberships.
  • Access to PMSA’s career consulting service which seeks to advise HR and development departments, project management offices and similar in-house structures tasked with resourcing and professional development.
  • Opportunity to develop a company or shared practitioner forum with the guidance and support of PMSA, which affords practitioners the opportunity to earn continuous professional development points in-house.
  • Opportunity to perform a pre-assessment according to certain terms and conditions towards a reduced rate for the designations assessment fees for individuals.
  • Preferential (member) pricing on products in the PMSA bookstore.
  • A discount on listed sponsorship packages for PMSA conferences and other knowledge events.
  • A press office on the PMSA website where all media releases can be hosted; and the distribution by PMSA to its membership base of one non-promotional press release per month.
  • Opportunity to lead or contribute to Blog articles on industry trends.
  • Access to a directory of speakers on PM topics (under development)
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