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PMSA Profile
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Project Management South Africa (formerly known as PMISA) was formed in 1997 as a National Association to represent project management professionals across all sectors in South Africa. Since 1997 the PMSA membership has grown to almost 1000 members, who are drawn from a diverse cross section of industries and ethnic groups.

The drive to create PMSA came from a need for a cross sector forum for practitioners to meet and work together and for a national body to work with local organisations and the South African government in developing effective project management within South Africa.

The PMI® South Africa Chapter was present in South Africa since 1982, and due to the above imperatives for the formation of an autonomous local body, nurtured the formation of PMSA in 1997 and committed to an ongoing and close working relationship between the two organisations. PMSA also has a co-operative agreement in place directly with PMI®`s USA-based global office.

South Africa covers a large geographic area, has 11 official languages and a foot in both the first and third worlds. The election of the ANC in 1994 led to major change in the country and the start of many international aid funded projects to assist in achieving our dreams. In 1997 the Minister of Public Works challenged PMSA to assist government and the country to develop effective project personnel, practices and results. PMSA took up that challenge.

Some of the results of the government projects are described on this website. Since 1997 key projects have been:

  • Formation of a Project Management Standards Generating Body (SGB)
  • Contribution to and communication of the local Project Management standards and national qualifications
  • Contribution to the development of the Construction Professions Act
  • Major representation on the Project Management Chamber in the Services SETA
  • Discussions on the establishment of an ETQA for project management under the Services SETA.

PMSA operating structures

PMSA is a not-for profit professional association that is governed by a Board of Directors, managed and administered by a National Office and directed by a National Executive Committee. The Board and National Executive Committee members are elected volunteers. The National Executive Committee is headed up by a President who serves a two-year term, and comprises Vice-Presidents in the portfolios of Projects, Finances, Membership, Branches, Special Interest Groups, Marketing and PR, Technical and Education, and Professional Liaison.

PMSA Branches operate in areas with a high density of members. Branches are currently operational in KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Johannesburg and Tshwane. Cell groups and additional Branches are considered in those areas where members express an interest.

Members are invited to become involved in the PMSA operating structures as volunteers. National Executive volunteers are nominated and appointed at the time of the Annual General Meeting each year. Those interested in joining the Branch structures may make enquiries to the relevant Branch at any time.

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