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About the PMO Awards Programme
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The PMO Awards Programme

Organisations in South Africa and, indeed the world are increasingly reliant on Project Management Offices (PMOs) as the backbone of their project activities, with the purpose of setting guidelines, implementing methodologies, maintaining standards, and otherwise contributing to benefits realisation and the achievement of organisational objectives through projects.  

About the PMSA PMO Awards

In Southern Africa the evolution of the PMO and its role in modern organisations has made this a vibrant environment of learning, knowledge sharing and the maturing of practices that can be replicated across industry sectors but needn’t conform to a particular definition or standard. Today, even the naming convention for Project Management Offices differs greatly from organisation to organisation and there is still disparity in understanding the roles of traditional versus modern PMOs. Modern PMOs have increasingly become associated with the following (as per Oracle’s Ultimate Guide to Business-Driven Project Management Office Success):

  • Enabling strategic or even transformational change
  • Strategy execution and alignment agility
  • Institutionalization of innovation
  • Systems thinking with respect to programmes, portfolios, and initiatives
  • Business intelligence and analytics—not just reporting
  • Ability to enable a cultural shift

It is these and other positive traits that the PMSA wishes to uncover and acknowledge through its PMO Awards.

How the PMSA PMO Awards are judged

The PMO Awards will follow the entry and adjudication protocol of the PMO Global Alliance International PMO awards, so that winners of the PMSA PMO Awards, announced in November at the PMSA national conference / in a similar timeframe in non-conference years, would be eligible for nomination to the International awards with a deadline of the following April. The PMSA PMO Awards would thus serve as a regional qualifier for the international awards.

Kindly consider the following information in differentiating between the nomination and entry stages:

Nomination Stage - 

  • Any eligible person may complete the online nomination form and make the applicable payment.
  • All nominations for the particular year must be submitted by 18 July.
  • Those submitting the nomination must take care to supply all relevant information required in the forms.
  • All nominations will be reviewed following the deadline of 18 July.

Entry Stage - 

  • Nominees that are successfully reviewed by the preliminary judges will be invited to submit their full entry, via the online form and having followed the Awards Entry and Presentation Guidelines, with a submission deadline of 20 September.
  • Entries will be adjudicated by the judging panel.
Rules and Eligibility

Nominations are invited from both PMSA members and non-members.

  • Submission is R500 for members and R1 000 for non-members
  • Nomination fees are not refundable even if the entrant is not selected to proceed to the entry stage
  • PMOs of organisations based in sub-Saharan Africa are eligible to enter
  • PMOs can be in any industry, in the public or private sector - enterprise PMOs, as well as IT PMOs, New Product Development PMOs, or other business unit PMOs
  • More than one PMO from an organisation may participate as the award is to the PMO and not the organisation
  • All documentation must be completed in English.
  • PMSA reserves the right to accept or reject nominations and entries and / or not make an award.
  • All submissions are made at the expense of the entrant.
  • Entrants must have the necessary written permissions from clients, agencies or any relevant stakeholder to share details of the PMO and its environment and for these to be published in an article showcasing winners.
  • Entries must include all required elements, as per the entry guidelines.
  • The professional practices by the submitting person must conform to PMSA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Non-members will be required to sign the PMSA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Entries are not returnable and PMSA reserves the right to use them for publication, publicity and display.
  • Awards will be made solely at the discretion of the judges and judges' decisions are final. 

The following are not eligible to enter:

  • Submissions from third-parties on behalf of a PMO
  • Consulting, training, or other third-party providers are not permitted to submit an entry on behalf of an organisation's PMO
  • Current sitting members of PMSA's PMO Awards Adjudication panel

Number of Awards

  • One winner and up to two commendations will be awarded annually.
  • PMSA reserves the right not to select a winner or commendation for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.


  • PMO presentation criteria are available for download here
  • Entries must address ALL of the criteria elements

Nomination Overview

  • One Lead Nominator must be designated with whom PMSA will communicate regarding the nomination. The Lead Nominator will normally be the Head of the PMO.
  • The Lead Nominator does not require PMSA affiliation.
  • The Lead Nominator must complete the online nomination form, and if successful, the full entry form. 
  • Along with the completion of the entry from a presentation must be submitted by the PMO following the submission guidelines. This presentation is in the format of a narrated PowerPoint slide set – details are in the Awards Entry and Presentation Guidelines.

Do you believe your PMO may be a contender? View details of the Submission Process

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