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Understanding the Sr.PM Designation
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senior Project Manager (sR.PM)

A PMSA Full or Professional member has earned the Senior Project Manager (Sr.PM) designation when they have actively chosen to pursue a career in project management within the field in which they originally qualified or in a related field. Such an individual will have the technical knowledge associated with their first degree/qualification and related experience, and in addition will have made the professional commitment to obtaining one or more further project management qualifications, certifications or accreditations to enhance their knowledge and practice of their chosen discipline.A Sr.PM will have applied their knowledge of specific methodologies to deliver projects through the complete lifecycle on multiple projects of varying complexity for a period of at least six years.

While making professional development a key focus area, a Senior Project Manager will have sought membership with a relevant professional body as an opportunity to both gain knowledge into current trends/best practices, and to share their knowledge with peers. Senior Project Managers maintain a high ethical standard and at a minimum endeavour to comply with the principles of the PMSA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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Qualification: NQF 7 related to a field in which you are currently working as a PM AND formal short learning programme in project management or Industry Credentials (Various): such as a recognised certification or accreditation


Six years’ working experience managing projects at least three of which were spent of projects of moderate complexity according to CIFTER

(without an NQF 7)
Eight years’ working experience managing projects at least four of which were spent of projects of moderate complexity according to CIFTER AND a formal short learning programme in PM at 120 notional hours OR Industry Credentials such as a recognised certification or accreditation


Areas of Demonstrable Performance

Through a portfolio of evidence of work samples, essay responses and peer interviews candidates must be able to demonstrate basic performance of the following competencies:

1.Management of stakeholder relationships

2.Management of development of the project plan

3.Management of project progress

4.Management of product acceptance

5.Management of project transitions

6. Evaluation and improvement of project and project management performance


Applying for a Senior PM (Sr.PM) Designation

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Please consult the following documents when applying for a PMSA Senior Project Manager (Sr.PM) designation. Need assistance? Please email
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PMSA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.pdf PDF (588.3 KB) Administration 2018/07/23
PMSA Statement of Authenticity PDF (215.29 KB) Administration 2019/06/24
Guide: Sr.PM Professional Designation PDF (663.84 KB) Administration 2019/06/26
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