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2018 PMSA National Conference
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'Diversity is the strength of Africa, not her weakness'*.

The creativity that emerges from this diversity can be seen in the many unique exports of our continent, beyond our natural resources, that are increasingly being celebrated on the world stage not least of which are: writing, dance, contemporary art, and fashion - the latter being the inspiration behind our logo for this year's conference. It draws on theShweshwedesign, a fabric of complex geometric shapes with origins that blend European, Arab and African influence and are now most strongly associated with Southern Africa. These are bright and flamboyant individual patterns that while unique and diverse, complement one another in an unexpected way when sewn together. Much like the people of our continent.

It's only natural that Africa’s creativity and diversity spills into how we do business, and how we manage projects.

The spirit then, of the 2018 edition of our PMSA Biennial National Conference is to acknowledge the unique characteristics of Africa's people – diversity; creativity; tolerance for ambiguity, uncertainty and change; patience; collaboration - and how these attributes contribute to project management. It's about the way we channel global knowledge in response to African challenges, illustrated through case studies and good practice, and the knowledge we uncover through research, experience and even trial and error, that broadens our understanding of people, practices, concepts and methodologies that can be applied to our projects.

(*This statement was made in a guest article in City Press late in 2017, by academic and author, Julian Kunnie.)


Researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts are invited to submit high-quality, original abstracts towards the PMSA Call for Research Papers by Wednesday 28th February while those looking to respond to the Call for Industry presentations are asked to submit high-quality, original summaries detailing their intended presentation theme by Wednesday 4th April. Please follow the applicable links below for further information:

Registrations for the 2018 PMSA National Conference will open in March

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The conference is a dedicated knowledge sharing event designed to help you accumulate professional development points in your respective industries, as well as with PMSA.

Where possible, PMSA ensures mutual recognition of the points earned, with allied professional associations. Delegates can accumulate up to 21 hours of contact hours to this end. It is the onus of the delegate to register these contact hours with organisations’ CPD programmes outside of PMSA.

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